Proving A Motorcycle Accident Was Not Your Fault

If you ride a motorcycle and you become involved in a collision because another vehicle was negligent in adhering to the rules of the road, you will want to do whatever necessary to prove your innocence in the accident so you can collect monetary compensation for your bike's repair and your injuries. Here are a few steps you should take immediately following your accident in an attempt to prove you were not the one at fault, allowing you to be the one to be awarded cash for damages incurred as a result.

Receive Help If Needed

If you are injured in any way, even if it seems to be minimal, make a call to have an ambulance come to your aid. If you fail to take the step to receive medical attention right away, and an injury is found later on, you may have trouble proving the injury was a result of the accident, making it harder to receive compensation. Take the ride to the hospital to get checked over if you have any doubt about your health.

Take Photographic Evidence

If you are able to move your arms, snap photographs of the view you see from where the incident occurred. Get down on the ground next to your bike to shoot from the angle you saw immediately after your motorcycle came to a stop. This view may be able to prove that you were struck in a way that could not possibly have been your fault. Take photographs of any intersections, signs in the area, and the other vehicle involved in the accident. If you are not able to move because of injury, ask any bystanders in the area to help you by taking photographs and have them email them to your attention.

Obtain Witnesses

If anyone had stopped to help out after the accident occurred, have them stick around so you can get their names and addresses in case the accident goes to a courtroom for settlement. Ask each person if they would be willing to write a report accounting what they had observed when the accident occurred. Check with the town and businesses near the area where the incident occurred to see if there is footage of the accident on a surveillance tape. Sometimes towns have roadway cameras that may have captured footage of the event as it had happened. Business cameras may have captured images or footage of the other vehicle driving irresponsibly.

Hire An Attorney

An attorney, such as those at Speers Reuland & Cibulskis, P.C., who specializes in personal injuries due to vehicle accidents would best help you represent yourself in court. It is best to have an attorney rather than try to represent yourself as they will know the steps to take in proving you were not at fault. They will look at all aspects regarding the accident and will be able to find any loopholes or proof that you were not at all negligent in the way you had handled your motorcycle on the streets.