Victim Of Motorcycle Accident: How A Lawyer Can Help

Did you suffer a serious injury after your motorcycle was rear-ended by another driver? If you are now being accused of being in the wrong by the other driver, you may want to get help from a lawyer. Find out in this article what a lawyer can do to help you with your motorcycle accident dispute as well as what the legal fees might be.

How Can a Lawyer Help a Wrongly Accused Motorcycle Accident Victim?

If you were listed as not being in the wrong on the accident report, your lawyer will obtain a copy of it as evidence for your case. However, further evidence will be gathered at the scene where your motorcycle was hit. Having enough evidence is vital because the other party is contesting that he or she is in the wrong, and his or her lawyer will do everything to build a case against you. For instance, the other party can say that you were rear-ended because you sped in front of his or her vehicle and suddenly slowed down below the speed limit. Your lawyer can create a diagram that recreates what the other party says happened and proves that it is not likely true.

Documents of your injuries and how you are being treated will also be needed by your lawyer. He or she will have to assess the documents to determine an appropriate amount of money that you can sue the other party for. Suing for a fair amount of money can prevent you from getting stuck with medical bills as you are being treated, such as for long-term treatment. You can get compensated for things that include:

  • Lost wages
  • Pain & suffering
  • Mental medical expenses
  • Physical medical expenses
  • Handicap accessible products

Your lawyer may try to settle the motorcycle accident dispute outside of court so you can get paid faster. If the other party is willing to attend a mediation session and it ends in your favor, you don't have to worry about going to court.

What is the Rate Charged by a Motorcycle Lawyer?

There is not likely to be an hourly rate charge by a lawyer when you are the victim of a collision. He or she may charge up to 40% of money that is won in your lawsuit. When a lawyer works on a contingency basis, he or she doesn't get paid until you do. Speak to a lawyer like John J Bublewicz Attorney At Law as soon as possible to get justice for your motorcycle accident!