4 Mistakes That You Should Avoid If You Are Being Held On A Criminal Charge

If you have a criminal charge against you, there are certain things that you should and should not do. In order to get the most out of your case, there are many mistakes that you should avoid making to ensure that you have an excellent chance at being proven not guilty of the charge against you. Here are four mistakes to avoid:

  1. Fighting Your Criminal Defense Attorney: Many people want to get too involved in the fighting of their case and leave very little for the attorney to do. This is important to avoid doing because the reason you hire a criminal defense attorney (like Damiani Gerard M) is so that they can fight for you. With their experience and expertise in criminal cases and the laws that revolve around them, they will ensure that you have a fighting chance. All you should do is be sure that you hire the best criminal attorney possible and let them take the wheel from there. 
  2. Go to Trial Because You Don't Like the Plea Offer: Going to trial because you do not like the plea that is being offered to you is a bad idea. This is because when a plea is offered, it typically means that the evidence being held against you holds a significant amount of proof that you have committed a crime. When you go to trial because you don't like the plea, you are most likely still going to be found guilty and the judge may even change the plea deal to be even worse than what it was before. 
  3. Say too Much Over the Phone: When you are in jail, you must remember that all phone calls are recorded. Even though it may seem like you are having a private conversation, always be mindful of what you are saying. Never admit fault over the phone and never ask someone to provide a false testimony at trial. All of this will be held against you heavily in the future. 
  4. Talk to Other Inmates About Your Case: If you talk to other inmates about your case, you are giving them the opportunity to have details about your case. If you provide too many details about your case, your fellow inmate starts to know enough to start talking and make you sound guilty of the crime, which often leads them to making deals to testify against you. This gives them the opportunity to lessen the charges against themselves and worsen your own situation.

By knowing what mistakes not to make when you are being held on a criminal charge, you can be sure that you are that much more likely to be found not guilty.