What Auto Accident Victims Should Understand About Maximum Medical Improvement

The above term may seem complex. It's often used when victims have physical injuries from an auto accident. The below information could help clear up any confusion about the meaning of maximum medical improvement (MMI) and what it means to your personal injury case. 

What Is Maximum Medical Improvement?

MMI is a term used in personal injury cases to describe the point at which a victim has recovered as much as possible from their injuries or has stabilized and is not expected to improve further with medical treatment. MMI is an important concept in personal injury cases because it can affect the amount of compensation that an injured person may receive. For example, victims should wait for MMI to occur before evaluating a settlement. You might need more medical care after the case settles. 

When a person is injured in an accident, they may require medical treatment to recover from their injuries. During the recovery process, the victim may experience some improvement in their condition with each treatment or therapy session. However, there will come a point where they have reached a plateau in their recovery and have achieved MMI.

After MMI Is Reached

At the determination of MMI, a victim's medical condition is considered stable, and further treatment is not expected to result in any significant improvement. This does not mean that the injured person is fully healed or has no lasting effects from their injuries, but rather that they have reached a point where further medical treatment is unlikely to provide significant improvement.

MMI And Compensation

In personal injury cases, the victim's MMI is an important factor in determining the amount of compensation they may receive. This is because the amount of compensation is based on the severity of the injuries and the impact they have on the injured person's life. Once a victim has reached MMI, their condition and the impact of their injuries on their life can be more accurately assessed, allowing for a more accurate determination of the amount of compensation they may be entitled to.

It's important to note that MMI does not necessarily mean that the injured person can return to their pre-accident level of functioning or that they will not require ongoing medical treatment. It simply means that further medical treatment is not expected to result in any significant improvement in their condition.

Find out more about MMI and how it relates to your case by speaking with a personal injury lawyer at a local firm, such as Labine Law Firm.