Who Can You Hold Accountable For Injuries Suffered After Slipping, Tripping, Or Falling On A Sidewalk? Find Out

Walking on the sidewalks may seem harmless. However, with many people using them at any given time, slip, trip, or fall accidents may be more common than you realize. This could also be the case if you walk on poorly maintained sidewalks. Whatever the case, you can suffer serious injuries that can make you incur huge losses. In addition, you shouldn't bear the financial burden of your injuries if someone else was responsible for the accident. Instead, hire an attorney to help you hold them accountable for your injuries, as discussed below.

Steps To Take After a Slip, Trip, Or Fall Accident

If you suffer injuries after slipping or tripping on a sidewalk, you need to go for a medical check-up immediately. This will enable you to know the extent of your injuries and get timely treatment to prevent complications in the future. You will also get a medical report detailing the severity of your injuries and the cost of medication. This report will be helpful when calculating your losses and negotiating payment with insurance companies. 

Your attorney may also advise you to record the exact details of what happened as best as you can remember. Moreover, they may ask you to take photos of the sidewalk and the hazardous condition that may have contributed to the accident. Additionally, your attorney could ask you to write down the contact information of witnesses who can account for what happened. This information will allow them to build a strong case against the parties responsible for the sidewalk's poor condition.

Parties You Can Sue for The Accident

You can take legal action against residential and commercial property owners if you slip and fall on their poorly built or maintained sidewalks. In this case, your attorney can assist you in getting evidence showing their role in the accident. For instance, they can use photos to show that the footpath had snow, loose bricks, and other hazards that contributed to the accident. They might also use video evidence or witness statements to hold municipalities accountable if you slip, trip, or fall on a city sidewalk.

Claims for injuries suffered in slip, trip, and fall accidents can be complex and challenging. This is more so if large organizations or state agencies are involved. This is why you need to consider hiring a slip-and-fall attorney to assist you in pursuing justice as well as compensation for your injuries.

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