When Your Medical Condition Warrants An Examination

After a car accident with injuries, you may find yourself having to cope with quite a lot of medical treatments. Almost any type of injury can create a lot of tests, treatments, medications, surgeries, and more. Unfortunately, some accident victims must endure an entirely different kind of medical exam if they want to be paid compensation from the at-fault driver. Read on to find out more about the independent medical exam (IME) for auto accident cases. [Read More]

Transportation Devices That Shouldn't Be On The Sidewalk And How To Sue For Related Injuries

It is a fine, bright, sunny day, and you are just walking along minding your own business, when BAM, out of nowhere somebody or something hits you. You never expect, as a pedestrian on a sidewalk, that you will be struck by anything that could hurt you. However, many people end up injured this way every year. If you were recently injured while walking on a sidewalk, you should know what your rights are. [Read More]

Hurt On The Job? Find Out If You Have A Good Case When Meeting With A Job Site Accident Lawyer

Were you working at a job site when an accident occurred, and you were injured? The accident may have been caused by faulty equipment, lack of safety gear, or a lack of proper protocol for the employees. When a job site accident does happen, you must go through a certain process to get help for your injuries. You should not be expected to return to work when you are trying to recover from severe and painful injuries that are keeping you from doing many things. [Read More]

Three Tips For Accident-Proofing Your Home To Guard Against Liability Issues

Even if you're not a very clean or attentive person, it's important to keep your home property properly maintained so that no one will ever sue you over a slip and fall accident. Some, but not all, of this maintenance work involves simply keeping your house clean and free of clutter. When you're ready to take possible liability issues seriously, check out these three tips for accident-proofing your home. Find Out Whether Or Not The Sidewalk Is Included In Your Property [Read More]