Did A Taxi Driver Hit You With Their Vehicle? Here's What You Need To Know

If you get hit by a rideshare driver, you must immediately seek treatment for the injuries. The next hurdle is to determine how you'll get compensation. Generally, if a rideshare motorist hits a pedestrian, cyclist, or another driver, the victim may be entitled to compensation. Nonetheless, this raises the question of who will pay the settlement. Specifically, does this responsibility fall on the driver or taxi's insurance provider?

In most cases, the company's insurance provider is held liable if the incident happens while the driver is transporting a client. However, if the driver wasn't working at the time of the accident, their own insurance company should pay to cover the damages. Navigating these and other tricky aspects on your own can be difficult, so you likely need a lawyer's help.

Immediate Steps to Take Following the Incident

If you're involved in a crash with a rideshare driver, call 911 to seek medical help for yourself or other involved parties. Calling for law enforcement officers is also wise so that they can investigate, verify the facts and write a detailed report. Notably, you will need this report when filing a claim.

You also need to write down the taxi driver's name and insurance details. It is also helpful to take pictures of their license plate, your injuries, the scene, and the vehicles involved. If you can, ascertain what the driver was doing at the time the accident occurred, e.g., were they running a personal errand, transporting a client, or driving to pick one up? This information is invaluable because their insurance options vary depending on the ride phases.

Reporting the Incident on Rideshare's Website

You need to report the incident on the relevant rideshare page in case of an accident with one of their drivers. To do this, visit their site and navigate to 'report accident'. Leave your contact details as requested, and the company representatives will get in touch with you to find out the accident details. As you communicate with the rideshare rep, take care only to report the facts. Focus on providing details about the time and location of the incident and the vehicle details. Avoid describing your injuries at this point because you'll have a chance to go into detail down the road. This gives you time to consult a lawyer for advice on the most suitable course of action.

The Benefit of Seeking Legal Support

You need to understand that liability is a key factor in the compensation process. As such, it is your responsibility to prove that the rideshare driver hit you due to their carelessness. Once the question of accountability has been settled, a determination is made on whether your compensation will be provided by the driver or the company's insurance carrier. Since the process is rife with potential obstacles and pitfalls, it is prudent to engage a lawyer so they can provide advice, conduct an investigation, and guide you throughout the process to help you receive an acceptable settlement.

When filing a claim of this nature, remember that an effective way to get compensation is for a lawyer from a firm — such as G.R. Johnson Law Firm — to negotiate with the driver's or service company's insurance provider. If they offer a too-low payment or your claim is denied altogether, your lawyer will file a case in court on your behalf.