4 Times You Can Blame Another Driver For Causing A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents lead to serious injuries. If you are considering hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer to pursue a case, you may be completely valid in doing so. Specifically, there are some situations in which you may have a very solid case for a civil suit. As a motorcycle rider, you need to prove that another vehicle caused your injuries and damage to your vehicle. These are the reasons why you might easily be able to prove your motorcycle accident case.

The Other Drive Hit You Head-On

Another driver might merge into your lane, where you have the right-of-way, and hit you. They may not see you because your bike is smaller than the car they would be looking for. You will simply need some proof that the other driver came into your lane. This may not be difficult to prove if you have a motorcycle accident lawyer with experience.

The Other Driver Was Following Too Close

Often, drivers in cars follow motorcycles too closely. When you hit the brakes, they don't see them right away or they aren't looking for you on your bike. This is incredibly dangerous and could lead to you being thrown from your bike. Even if you do not have a camera on your bike or helmet, you may be able to gather witness statements to demonstrate that this happened.

The Other Driver Was Intoxicated

Another driver being intoxicated at the scene of the crime is sometimes an easy case. The key here is to ensure that the intoxication is listed on the accident report. This will help you prove your case in court, especially if the other driver is tried and convicted in a criminal court.

The Other Driver Was Aggressive

There are some drivers on the road who simply do not like motorcyclists. There are some people who simply do not drive safely around motorcycles, and this can be a huge problem, putting you at risk. When this happens, the other driver may face a criminal case in addition to your civil suit. This can help you prove your case.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for More Scenarios

One of the best things you can do is ensure that you have a motorcycle accident lawyer on hand to manage your case. Your lawyer will look over your case and ensure that you have the information necessary to bring a case against another driver who participated in any of these activities.

To learn more, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in your area.