How A Truck Accident Attorney Can Increase Your Settlement

Getting into an accident with a large truck can obviously be quite scary. If the accident has left you injured and it was clearly not your fault, you might be entitled to financial compensation. If you want to maximize your payout though, you can't go through this process alone. Here's how a truck accident attorney can help you get the money you deserve.

Figure Out Who Is Liable

When you get into an accident with another driver of a typical passenger vehicle, there's no question as to who is to blame. But things can get a bit trickier when a corporation like a trucking company gets involved. Did the accident occur because of driver error? Or did the trucking company not perform proper maintenance on the brakes or another critical part of the vehicle? There could also be a question as to whether the trucking company was provided a defective part by one of their suppliers. A good truck accident attorney knows what the most common problems that lead to accidents are and can investigate your case with a careful eye, looking for potential signs of liability. Let your lawyer take the lead when it comes to deciding who specifically you are going to sue.

Collect the Right Evidence

The person with the best evidence usually wins. You can be sure that the trucking company will have their own side of the story, so it's important to make sure yours is in order. Getting records from a trucking company could be difficult without legal assistance. You might also need to collect security camera footage or perhaps eyewitness statements. Having a lawyer will ensure you are able to collect as much evidence as possible, bolstering your case and your payout.

Stand Tall During Negotiations

Trucking companies sometimes try to settle to avoid going to court, but don't think they are doing you a favor. They will likely still try to keep the payout as low as possible. Don't let yourself be bullied by sitting down at the negotiating table without legal counsel by your side. Your lawyer will know if you are being lowballed or not and will be able to push back if needed.

A Truck Accident Lawyer Has the Right Kind of Expertise

Don't just hire any attorney to pursue your truck accident case. A lawyer with experience in the trucking industry will be better able to determine liability and get a hold of records as needed.

For more information, contact a truck accident attorney today.