Transportation Devices That Shouldn't Be On The Sidewalk And How To Sue For Related Injuries

It is a fine, bright, sunny day, and you are just walking along minding your own business, when BAM, out of nowhere somebody or something hits you. You never expect, as a pedestrian on a sidewalk, that you will be struck by anything that could hurt you. However, many people end up injured this way every year. If you were recently injured while walking on a sidewalk, you should know what your rights are. A pedestrian accident attorney can explain them fully, but for starters, here are all the modes of transportation that are typically not allowed on a city sidewalk, why they are not allowed, and how to sue for related injuries. 

Rollerskates or Rollerblades

A lot of people who like to skate or "blade" tend to use the sidewalk rather than the street. This is not allowed because the skaters and "bladers" are moving much faster than the people walking there, and injuries can occur if the skaters/bladers look away for a just a split second. If someone collides with you in this manner, take a picture of the person, then call emergency services to treat any wounds the both of you incurred. 


Skateboards are another illegal mode of transportation on the sidewalks. They are illegal for the same reason that skates and blades are forbidden. The skateboards are even more dangerous because there is no easy way to stop the boards from rolling, whereas skates and blades have toe-stops. Skateboards have no such "breaking system." There is also a very good chance that a skateboarder is a minor or a very young adult.

If he/she gets up and skates off before you have a chance to take a picture, take pictures of whatever you can get as he/she rolls quickly away from you. Then immediately file a police report and provide them with the pictures so that they can track down the person/kid responsible. Once the police provide you with that information, you can file your lawsuit. 


Bicycles on sidewalks are illegal nearly everywhere, which is why there are bike lanes on the road. People who refuse to use the bike lanes and use the sidewalks instead are not only putting pedestrians in danger, but they are breaking the law and thumbing their nose at the police. Bicyclists on sidewalks are also not "visible" to motorists, who often hit bicyclists that come off of sidewalk corners into the street to cross. If you are hit by a bicyclist, do your best to exchange personal information, and take pictures not only of the bicyclist, but also of his/her bike as proof you were hit. 

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