Your Recent Car Accident: Why You Should Hire An Attorney

In any part of the world, there is a car accident occurring every minute. Even a simple fender bender can turn into a costly and painful experience, and a car accident attorney may be needed to help make the process of filing insurance claims and recouping costs much easier. If you've been in a recent car accident, you may need to hire a car accident attorney, even if you and the other driver have insurance. Here are signs that an attorney may be necessary for your situation.

You aren't comfortable with your claim amount

If your car insurance company is trying to haggle with the insurance company of the other driver and the process is taking too long, a car accident attorney can be helpful as a middleman for each party to help things move forward more smoothly. Another issue you may be facing is that your car insurance company is quick to dismiss your claim by offering you a smaller amount of money than you feel you deserve. You need funds to pay for medical bills, lost work wages, and to repair your vehicle, and if neither insurance company is meeting your financial need or ignoring them altogether, it may be time to get an experienced car accident lawyer on your side.

You are being denied your claim

Even worse than getting a smaller claim amount than you need is being denied compensation entirely. Your car insurance company may do this to you if they feel you:

  • were negligent in the car accident
  • you were driving a non-insured vehicle
  • you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident

You may need a car accident attorney for a few reasons in this case. First, you will need an attorney to defend your actions during the accident to help remove fault from your person and help avoid legal repercussions (if applicable). Secondly, you will still have vehicle repairs, medical costs, and lost work wages that will need to be recouped, whether you caused your accident or not. Your lawyer will help you refile your claim so you can fulfill your financial needs and avoid other legal issues.

In many cases, a car accident insurance claim can be filed without issue. If you are being denied funds or being offered funds that are not adequate, however, hiring an attorney can be a wise choice. With legal representation by your side, you can have your claim approved more quickly and to your greater satisfaction.

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