5 Things To Know About Receiving Workers Compensation

If you have had your workers compensation case settled, it can become frustrating to wait for your payment. You may not even know how you are going to get paid after the case is settled and exactly when it's going to happen. To ease your mind, you will want to know these five things about workers compensation being paid to you:

  1. It Shouldn't Take More than 60 Days: If your case has been settled, it typically should take less than 30 days for you to receive your compensation. If these 30 days pass, then you should take up some concern and talk to your attorney who will be able to contact the insurance company and bug them until you receive your payments. If more than 60 days has passed, then you and your attorney can work on getting penalties and late fees against the insurance company.
  2. Payments Should be Paid at the Same Time as the Paycheck: If the insurance company is paying you in small payments over time until the full compensation is paid, which is the case most of the time, then you should expect these payments at the same time that you get paid from your employer. 
  3. Payments Won't be Made Until Release is Signed: Be sure that your attorney contacts you as soon as the release has been formed. You and your attorney can review this release and once you sign it, it can speed up the amount of time that it takes for you to get paid. 
  4. Unpaid Medical Bills can Delay the Process: Unpaid medical bills can delay the process of receiving your compensation check. This is because the compensation must be guaranteed to go to medical bills revolving around the case to ensure that the compensation you are receiving is not being taken advantage of. You will want to resolve these unpaid medical expenses right away. In most cases, the medical providers will reduce the amount that you owe to ensure that you receive your check sooner. However, negotiations on the medical payments can delay the process. 
  5. Depends on Your State: Every state has different laws that revolve around workers compensation cases. It is important that you establish what these specific laws are with your attorney to be sure that you are following every necessary step to getting your compensation quickly. 

By knowing these five things about receiving your workers compensation, it can ease your mind and guarantee that you are not delaying the process in any way that you may otherwise have not been aware of. For more information, contact The Law Offices of Gregg Durlofsky or a similar firm.